Notifiable Diseases Database

Search by Transmission Type

Diseases are transmitted in a variety of different ways – through the air we breathe, through food and water, through sex and blood, and through contact with other people or with animals and insects. To search by transmission type:

  1. Select a transmission type from the drop-down list.
  2. Select one or more locations by checking the jurisdiction boxes.
  3. Click Submit to see a a table of results for your selected search term. Empty (or state colour) cells appear where a disease/condition is not reportable in that jurisdiction.
  4. Click Details to view specific information about reporting (ie. case definition, reporting requirements, legislation, information source).

*Note – Disease lists, case definitions and reporting requirements can change. Please note the date of last verification on each disease details page. NCCID will continue to make regular updates to the database.

Some diseases and conditions will be listed under more than one transmission type if they can be spread in multiple ways.

Transmission Type