Notifiable Diseases Database

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Vaccines can prevent a number of diseases, including many of those that must be reported in Canada. These vaccines include routine childhood immunizations, those given to most children in Canada following a set schedule, as well as immunizations given to adults and to travellers.

To search for reportable diseases that can be prevented by a vaccine licensed for use in Canada:

  1. Select one or more locations by checking the jurisdiction boxes.
  2. Click Submit to see a a table of results for your selected search term. Empty (or state colour) cells appear where a disease/condition is not reportable in that jurisdiction.
  3. Click Details to view specific information about reporting (ie. case definition, reporting requirements, legislation, information source).

*Note – Disease lists, case definitions and reporting requirements can change. Please note the date of last verification on each disease details page. NCCID will continue to make regular updates to the database.